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African Trade Report Launch Event 15 DECEMBER 2020

African Trade Report Launch Event 15 DECEMBER 2020

African Trade Report Launch Event 15 DECEMBER 2020

Join us on December 15 at 09.30 GMT, for an insightful conversation on the contents of this year's edition of the African Trade Report

About this Event

Why you should attend

Published every year by African Export-Import Bank(Afreximbank), the African Trade Report is one of the key publications to understand Trade in the African continent. Ahead of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, the need to understand the various drivers of trade has never been more pressing.


This event will offer unique insights into:

  • The contents and findings of the 2020 African Trade Report
  • What will be the long term consequences of COVID-19 on Trade
  • The importance of Informal Cross Border Trade
  • AfCTA and overall impact on intra-continental and intra-regional Trade
  • African Trade Report 2020

    The untapped potential of informal intra-African trade

    African trade is expected to contract significantly. Reflecting in part the economic costs of global containment measures, on supply and demand, and the restrictions on movements of persons following the closure of borders and airports. While forecasts concerning the COVID-19’s potential impact on African trade for the formal sector are known, those related to informal cross-border trade (ICBT) are not.

    The African Trade Report is the annual flagship report of Afreximbank. The 2020 edition of the report brings the spotlight to “ICBT in Africa: Size, Composition and the Route to Formalisation in the Context of The AfCFTA” and was prepared by the Research and International Cooperation Department of Afreximbank in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).



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